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Note to Canadians: You may enroll in a Canadian Individual Annual or Student Annual Membership online using this form. Your credit card transaction will be processed in US dollars for the amount shown. However, applications for Life Membership must be mailed to the Canadian Membership Secretary with a check payable in Canadian dollars. Please visit JASNA's membership web page for dues information and a form you can print and mail. 

Notes on Membership Levels:
1) Annual Memberships start on the date you enroll online and expire one year later. We will remind you by email when it’s time to renew so that you can continue your membership without interruption.
2) International memberships are for members with addresses outside the United States and Canada.
3) “Digital Only” Memberships: If you select a “Digital Only” membership, you will not receive printed copies of JASNA’s publications; we will notify you by email when the digital version of a publication is available to download. Memberships remain in effect for the full membership period and cannot be "upgraded" to include printed publications during that membership term. Changes can be made when a membership is renewed.

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Important: If you enroll in a “Digital Only” membership, you will receive email service notices from JASNA when the digital version of a publication is available to download – whether or not you sign up for the JASNA Email List.

Note:  Even if you do not join the JASNA Email List, you will receive occasional administrative communications from JASNA by email, such as online registration and payment confirmation emails, password reset emails, renewal notices, or other service messages notifying you of matters that may affect your membership.

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As a JASNA member you may join in the activities organized by our Regional groups in North America. To receive information about Regional events in your area, either select the Region you want to join from the dropdown menu below or skip this section and let the Membership Secretary assign you to the closest Region within a 2-hour radius of your address (if there is one). A directory of JASNA’s Regional Groups is available on the JASNA website. If you live in North America but not near a Regional group, you can opt to join our “Virtual Region” (at the bottom of the Region dropdown list); we will add you to the email list announcing online discussions and meetings. Note: You can change your Region affiliation(s) at any time in the JASNA Member Portal.  

Optional - Additional Regions

If you would like to participate in one or two additional Regions, please select them below. We will provide your contact information to the Regional Coordinator(s).

  Please Consider Making a Donation

Canadians: To make a donation specifically to JASNA Canada, please mail a check to the Canadian Membership Secretary instead of using this form.